Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will try again to post that link, but it looks like "voting", in whatever form it is going to take, won't start until March 2nd. It's confusing. Thankfully I have friends who read the fine print when I do not. Here's the link. I will post it again later. Promise I'm not an idiot.

We had one of our lovely, large storms last night, causing all sorts of damage all over town. We were spared most of it, which is nice, but poor Oklahoma (which is hard to feel sorry for) got hit pretty hard. I wonder if it sucks so bad because of the horrendous weather, or if the horrendous weather is some kind of punishment for being a terrible place. I am not a fan of Oklahoma.

We absentmindedly allowed some of our broccoli and poc choi to bolt. Broccoli flowers are some kind of ridiculous delicacy and are decently tasty. However, I prefer what has been happening: the bees are making use of them. I love the idea of broccoli honey. Cotton honey is delicious and creamy, mesquite honey is slightly spicy, what wonders would broccoli honey hold? Wish we could find out.

Both of my male roommates are overseas for the next couple weeks. TJ is visiting his sister in Germany and Kris is digging wells in Kenya. I miss them. While they are gone I am supposed to be recording escort listings on craigslist and for Kris. I suck at this. I am supposed to check both websites for four different cities every evening at about the same time and record the number of listings for that day. It's totally easy and mindless but I have forgotten it six times in the last two weeks. For some reason if you go back the next day none of the numbers on eros. com are the same. I suck. I am going to write myself a big reminder message somewhere. Like on my pillowcase.

Tomorrow is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday and will be attending an awesome party to celebrate. NPR has been doing a bunch of stuff on Darwin because this week is his 200th birthday as well. Who knew they were the same age? Cute.

Baby Benjamin was successfully birthed Sunday night at about 8pm. I was one of the fortunate few who got to go visit him the next day in the hospital. He is a beautiful, strong, dark haired baby. I've spent so much time with him over the last nine months that this felt like some sort of reunion. Strange. I kept tearing up every time I looked at him. Like a silly girl. The family is taking this first week to be alone and bond and all those good things, but Haley is my best friend who I hang out with almost daily, and I am starting to miss her.

Every now and then I can hear a rooster crowing somewhere in our neighborhood. We have hens, but no roosters. The fact that someone else has them somewhere nearby amuses me.

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