Friday, April 04, 2008

The little cracks they escalated...

I've been thinking about God. I write in a journal, used to more than do, but it serves its purpose. It seems that I often get overwhelmed by the lack of clarity which my future holds. It also seems that I often don't have any money nor any idea where to get some. But then the future clears, plans get made, and the money rolls in (usually through the vessel that is my parents and their fervent prayer lives). So, this tells me that the things they say about God, about him knowing the future and caring about my particular future, and about him having his hands on all the money, these things are true.

I recently got health insurance through Starbucks. I promptly took advantage of it by contracting a raging case of poison ivy and going to the doctor for some serious steroids. Then I made a dentists appointment and took advantage of it again by needing a root canal (Seriously?). Luckily, the insurance turned what would have been a $2500 experience into a $1367 one. I know. You're thinking, "Why, that's wonderful! What good insurance you have!" What you should be thinking is, "Where the hell is Ellie going to get $1367?" Well, the answer is from the Lord. So... maybe you should have been thinking, "Where the Lord is Ellie going to get $1367?", because then you would be answering your own question in the asking, and that is incredibly clever of you.
I applied for what is called the CUP fund. It is an employee supported Starbucks emergency relief fund and they decided to give me $500 because they are precious. Also, my Aunt and Uncle decided to tithe (we can get into the accuracy of that term in this specific circumstance later) to my sister and I, making another $500 which can go directly into my mouth. (I'm not going to eat it! Haven't you been listening?)

God has been quite good to me.

I also haven't got a place to live next, which isnt surprising. Like I was saying earlier, God knows the future and I never do. It has been a complicated process with some hurting of feelings and I am sad about the whole thing. But, I suppose, this forces open my hands, and reopens my eyes and now it is time for the future that God sees.

On a completely other note, I am going to Sharons art show tonight with Vanessa and Sara and I am incredibly excited about the whole thing. It is unfortunate that I have to head home to Waco almost immediatly since I am on weekend duty (again!) and must get up to milk in the morning.

And I really enjoyed the movie Once. What did you think?


noah said...

you always have a place to live.

sharon said...

I seriously think that you should live with me, in the house that I might have. And I know UTA is not UT, but we do have alot more diversity, I kid you not. And we could maybe become bestest friends to the point of hating each other(that part was a joke) I miss you and I saw you yesterday which only served to make me miss you more. I'm having boy problems...again. Elie, I want to be an old maid and they just won't let me.