Friday, September 19, 2008

On Tuesday, after school, Mayada had volleyball practice, which left me with Jeffery alone. Jeffery had a flag football game at 4:30, his first as starting quarterback, and he was incredibly excited. We rushed home to get him a snack then loaded back into the car and rushed over to the field . As I dropped him off I said,
"I have to go pick Maymay up from volleyball but we will hurry and come back as soon as we can to watch you play. Okay, kid?"
"That's Kiddo to you!" Jeffery hollered as he tumbled out of the car.
I often call them kiddo. I think this is going to work out.

Being a research assistant is turning out to be pretty hard. I need a boss to be accountable to, I think. I have never been a very good self starter. Plus, as far as the women we are calling are concerned, we're just telemarketers, and no one likes a telemarketer. We are running into lots of interesting obstacles.

Waco has been the recipient of some beautiful weather lately. A week of seventies and blustery afternoons makes me grateful for being alive. Our garden is thriving. I am blessed to live with three people who know how to love and tend a garden. It seems so easy at the farm and here in our front yard, but I'm not sure I could have done this by myself.

Two of our chickens turned out to be roosters. When we got them they were so young and scrawny it was hard to tell. We suspected, but thought that maybe there was a chance that they were just hilariously scrawny hens. However, Old Warsaw and Mr. Bultitude have blossomed into beautiful, strutting, proud roosters. We're trading them in for two more hens. Its a pity to lose animals who have already become so beloved and well named, and introducing new hens could be a little rough on our flock, but the benefits of having two more layers sort of outweigh any objections. We've only named three of our hens, and one name is in contention, so I am hoping that these new ladies show some personality (and defining traits).

This has been my first full week working all three jobs. My boss at Starbucks is becoming one of my favorite people simply for the compassion he shows for me. He has a lot of employees to keep track of but I know that he keeps me and my crazy life in mind when he makes the schedule. Today he said something along the lines of trying to give me every other morning off so that I wouldn't get burned out. It is appreciated.

I've been praying about telling the Boltes that I can't nanny for them for a while, at least while I am working for Baylor. Jessica really needs some extra money, and would be a prefect nanny (shes done it before for years and years) . The only thing stopping me is that I haven't worked for them for very long. I feel badly ducking out this soon.

One of the most beautiful things in my life is this: TJ walking up to me and quietly handing me a book of poetry open to the appropriate page. Charles Wright. Scar Tissue.

So, in summation, my life is good and I enjoy it.

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