Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update update update update update.

That last post is fairly unattractive. I suppose I should bump it off. Since its been a while, we shall do a brief recap/update in list form.

- I am reading The Once and Future King and enjoying it.
- Haley and I invested many hours in the BBC miniseries "Bleak House" and loved every minute of it. We were disappointed (possibly more than could reasonably be expected) when it was over. There were extenuating circumstances.
- Haley is going to have her baby boy sometime in the very near future. He keeps twisting around in there, surfacing every so often very much like Nessie.
- I am on my the missions committee for my church and we had our first meeting on Saturday. I am excited about being a part of planning the every-so-often gathering of the four Shalom Missions communities in October.
- The Beehive Collective is officially coming to Waco on February 4th and presenting at Common Grounds. I need to begin promoting it.
- I am working close to 35 hours at my primary job this next week. However, they do not start until Wednesday.
- It is darling Sharons birthday and we are celebrating with a dinner party tomorrow night. We have spent several fun hours together this week while she is in limbo between her pre-bachelor degree life and her post-bachelor degree life. We mostly watch videos on youtube and laugh until we cry. I need more of this in my life.
- It seems that many of my friends are having babies. It seems like this has been a steady fact for the past six years.
- I realized that this blog was born of my boredom during last Christmas break but was not contributed to at all during this Christmas break.
- Our house has become the house where all the boys play video games. It started with the game cube and has moved to various interactive computer based games. We have become the popular hang out place as a result. If playing video/computer games can be considered hanging out.
- I went with my future roommate, Grace, to the dollar movies this evening and was joined by current roommate and current roommates boyfriend. We saw Australia. Grace and I enjoyed it. Jessica and Justin did not. It was pretty much the plot of Out of Africa which is a favorite of mine. Terrific.

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The Heron's Stare said...

Those BBC costume dramas! The latest Dickens- Little Dorrit - has recently finished its run. I always watch them in spite of my (unjustified?) prejudice that they can never possibly live up to the book. But all the women I know insist that Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice series belies that prejudice. Well maybe. But there was a brilliant reconstruction of the garden scene between Lady Catherine de Berg and Elizabeth Bennet which brilliantly recreates the irony of the scene in the novel, a rare example of literature invading the preserve of television spectacle.

I hope you enjoy The Once and Future King. Stories about Arthur have come a long way since the early Welsh material.