Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yesterday I went with the other members of the ad hoc committee dedicated to planning the SMC gathering in October (you don't really need to know what any of this means) to look at Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary is gracious, large, and an easy walk from the small meeting house where our small church has its gatherings, making it an ideal place to house and feed our October gathering, which will be large. As I pulled into the parking lot a young, beautiful dog, looking like some mix of a bulldog and a pit bull, ran across the street and into the parking lot with me. I parked and looked at the dog with some small amount of trepidation. Dogs can be viscious. As it turns out, she wasn't. As I got out of my car she gleefully came up to me, wagging her entire back end with such delight that she ended up writhing on the ground at my feet. She ended up following me to the church door where I told her to sit and stay. She mostly did this and I went inside where we informed the church office that they had a very friendly pit-mix inhabiting their parking lot. The man from the church went outside, brought our lovely dog inside, and called the number on her collar. When her owner showed up we were informed that Bailey was actually a very rare breed of English bulldog and worth a substantial amount of money. She was only a couple months old and the breeder was letting this woman raise her and would give Bailey to her after two litters of puppies. Bailey sat and grinned at us with her joker smile in her mushed, bulldog face. The woman was very grateful.

I applied to a social work program today. Discovered it, applied for it, and applied for financial aid all within an hour and a half. This is how I make decisions. Maybe an undergraduate degree is possible. We'll see.

Waking up before six five days in a row is exhausting. I'm only on day three, but I am assuming I will be exhausted by Friday.


Doc said...

Covering baseball a few days ago, I had the rare opportunity to be completely terrified... a young man I didn't recognize and his family, apparently out for a walk, stopped by the game for a few minutes, and the dog seemed highly annoyed by the delay. The growl on that thing would be enough to persuade a robber to try a new career.

tygrr said...

I miss you. You should write on here more makes me feel closer to you, like we aren't 100 miles away.

Kevin said...

Social Work. It seems like that could fit you.