Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Well, it seems to have struck us all at once that I will only be here for a couple more weeks (four!), and so we've started to pick up the pace a little. On Sunday we went to church, then wandered around little India, ending up buying some pretty things. Tomorrow morning (early!) we are participating in Heritage Day, which is a national holiday, by going on a Heritage walk (I'll take pictures) with our Indian friends from church. Friday is an engagement party for the daughter of some friends of my parents, and then Saturday we're going to Batu Ferengi, which is the more touristy area, for one of those fish pedicures that are illegal in the states these days, and some shopping, which I've been putting off. Presents, you know.

Next week I am hoping to get to see the reclining Buddha, which is supposed to be something like 35 feet long, and, if I can convince my parents, I'd like to go the snake temple too. Then we're going to the butterfly gardens.

So, busy. Yes.

I've gotten up to swimming a half a mile pretty regularly. I do at least a quarter mile, and then sometimes quit if it's sunny.

Being here this long has been good. I've settled into a very nice lack of schedule and am enjoying it. I miss home, and I miss Drew, and I am looking forward to my new fall-life, with my new apartment and, hopefully, new job. I think I can last another month.

Oh, and by the way, I'm going to be an Aunt. :)

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