Friday, July 30, 2010


So! Only one week until I come home! Every time I attempt to write in here I get all distracted by how little time I actually have left! So little time! I have been so deeply grateful for this time here, and I think I needed it. I needed to not work or worry for a while and, thanks to my parents and their great generosity, I have had it.
The opportunity to live daily with ones parents as an adult for two whole months is something miraculous. The relationships that make up immediate family fade to phone callas and e mails as we become adults and distance ourselves from each other. I should have seen clearly from the beginning that this time has been a gift. I will never live with my whole family again. I raced from it years ago (nine years?), which I wonder if I still would do knowing that it is something to never be again. Something about it speaks to the swiftness of life. We live so quickly and so much without each other. My parents are older than I like to remember or think. Older and living so very far away. Yes, I am deeply grateful for this time with them. Time to live together as adults. My parents are fabulously aware of who I really am. I think that is incredibly rare as well.

We are quickly trying to accomplish all those touristy things that people should see and do. We are so not prone to that sort of thing. Again, my parents are being very kind to me in going out of their way. We went to see the reclining buddha, which was a little ridiculous and disappointing. I took some pictures. I'll consider putting them up here sometime so you can see and judge for yourself. We wandered through little India and I bought some brass bells and a dosai mix so I can try to make it for myself at home. I've bought all my presents, and have started packing it all. I hope it will all fit in one bag. I don't want to lug more than that from one NY airport to the other.

Home! In a little more than five days!

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