Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New home, new job

The home:

I live in a garage apartment behind the home of some friends. They are graciously allowing me to work for them to pay off some (ideally all) of my rent. I walk the dog and watch their kids and, yesterday, got into a brutal battle of the wills with a nasty patch of morning glories.

The apartment is exactly the right size for me, which continually surprises me. I keep expecting to feel lonely in space all to myself, but I don't. Or I expect to feel cramped and, other than having boxes everywhere, I don't. It is a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, all absolutely full of furniture.

The woman who lived there before me graciously left me a number of household items that I would have been bereft without. Like silverware. And bowls. However, she also painted the walls a metallic pale blue, and replaced any number of fixtures with nickle plated monstrosities. I am slowly adjusting, either by their removal or acceptance.

The job:
I am the new AmeriCorps VISTA (volunteer in service to America) at the McLennan County Hunger Coalition. I have been this for one week and feel a little lost. What am I actually supposed to be doing? I crave further definition.

Essentially, as far as I can gather, I am the point person for the coalition. I organize our events, create our newsletter, manage our website, interact with local pantries, collaborate with BU's poverty initiative in all things, contribute my thoughts and presence to the Urban Gardening Coalition, the Homeless Coalition, and the Food Planning Task Force (whatever that might look like and/or mean), and I spend many an hour here, at my desk, on the internet, researching local and national hunger alleviation efforts.

Should be a good year.

I have my SNAP benefits interview this afternoon at 3. Wish me luck. As of right now I have about $100 to my name.

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