Monday, January 24, 2011

Do it yourownself, dammit.

Hi. Again.

So I spend a lot of my internet time looking at DIY wedding sites. It is a hobby of mine which I have indulged in for years. I also like to read the wedding magazines in B&N whenever I find myself there.

I love this one.

I really like weddings. Really really. I will go to almost any wedding if I can snag an invitation. I'm not entirely sure of my motives for the wedding loving. The obvious is probably true; that I am a wedding-craving girl-loony. I hope that there is more to it than that. I like to think that I am incredibly crafty and that plumbing the depths of the wild world web will help me to perfect my craft.
Confession: I am not actually crafty.
I'm not sure what I am exactly, but it isn't crafty. I think I am more . . . spontaneous. Or dauntless. Whatever word means recklessly optimistic. Like cutting my own hair, or turning some clothing into other clothing. I'm 100% certain I can do it, regardless of the end product. Hair grows, you know. Always. I have bins full of half completed attempts at turning pants into skirts. Does this stop me from starting another pant/skirt transformation? No. No it does not.

However, true crafts thwart me. Case in point: damn paper cranes. Oh sure, they are crane-like, completed and replete across the back of my printer, but are they crisp and clean looking? Would you want them anywhere where some-other actually had to look that them? No. No, most definitely not. Of course, I am using recycled printer paper from my recycle drawer. I like to think that origami paper would slide into its corners in a much more graceful manner. Don't you think?

Regardless, weddings. Weddings are wonderful. I was glad to learn that Drew likes weddings too. We're actually totally snobby. We sit and critique choices in music, food, colors, flowers, blah blah blah. Which is a little bit hilarious, if you think about it. We are unmarried and snide. I think we would make a wonderful wedding planning team. We are eclectic and strange. So, I guess, if our wedding should ever roll around, you all should strive to be there. Because it will be awesome. I will make thousands of paper cranes, just promise not to look at them too closely.

This is my favorite new thing on Click it. I think I would get married just so I could get a nice letter from Obama. That might be an understatement. I might sell my kidneys for a nice letter from Obama. You know how that goes.

EDIT: I mentioned my "crafting" tendencies to Drew, namely the skirt/pants/skirt/pants cycle, and his response was, "Isn't that one of the clear definitions of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the outcome to change?"
So. Yeah.


Kim said...

so this is what you were doing today instead of calling me back to talk about my potential awesome future job? lame. no but seriously, i just caught up on your blog and i always kick myself cause i like to read your words a lot, but i forget. here's to an attempt to be more faithful to the things/people i love!

Donnell said...

I definitely want to attend. I'll help with execution if you'll have me but am a terrible planner.

Davie said...

Ellie and Drew: please plan my wedding. But first: please find me a wonderful man to marry.