Friday, March 18, 2011

Every now and then, usually well into my thirteen thousandth game of spider solitaire, I think to myself, "BOOK! I have book to read! I LIKE TO READ!!" Then I realize that I work in a cubix where anyone who wants to see me can and, in a totally typically universally quixotic way, playing spider solitaire is more allowable because at least it sounds like I am working.

Oh my god. My head hurts. And I left my generic brand migraine headache medicine on the left side of my bed on top of the pile of clothes that I sleep with because I have decided that a bed is a better place to keep clothes than a closet.

I might be a mess.

I really want you to think that I sometimes actually do work.

Yesterday I did a number of interesting things. I went to the monthly nonprofit networking breakfast, which is usually not interesting, but yesterday we had a professional advocate (read: lobbiest) from Austin who explained the Texas state deficit using blocks. Fun! By the end of the workshop I was imagining myself as an emaciated nun, giving moldy bread to the orphans to dip in their very watered down milk. Did I mention I am reading a book about Italians sheltering Jews during the end of the second world war? Fully 55% of our state budget goes to public education. We have a 27 billion dollar estimated deficit. We are all totally screwed. In the words of the immortal Gene Wilder, "Are we in it." (Name the movie. I'll be proud of you.)

Politics astound me. The fact that any group of people can be so totally irresponsible and can be so totally in charge irritates me. And I'm a democrat. Probably. Also, watching many hours of the West Wing has lead me to believe that the people in power should be so much smarter than they seem to be.

I was also introduced to a brand new masterpiece theater mini- series (Thank you, Lauren!) called Downton Abby and had the singular pleasure of passing it on to my best friend who, as she said herself, thought she had watched all the mini-series there are.


Anonymous said...

I'm planning on miniseriesing my morning sickness away thanks to your suggestion. Wish we were eating crackers with raspberry chipotle cream cheese and watching it together, bestie.

Lyndy said...

we just finished downton abbey. loved it.