Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh my goodness, blogs are too much work. Half of the time I am convinced that I am wildly clever and quirky and every passing thought I have is hilarious and worth publishing for the world to see. The other half of the time I think that no matter what I do it will be less polished than 99% of the internet and anyone who wants to know anything about me can just Google things like, "lack of time management", "yellow", "sleep deficiency", "spider solitaire", and "do it (cut your hair, make your own (clothes, lotion, smoothies, laundry detergent)) yourself" and come up with a reasonable approximation of me. Good luck with that.

Otherwise, it is Spring and I am spending a large portion of my waking life trying to be healthy. For serious. Just when I think that I have kind of gotten a handle on something, something else crops up and I think, yeah, that probably is because I've been sick for X amount of years (the X might be a million), and my body is crapping out on me in any and every fashion available to it. It is kind of awesome. But not really.

Yesterday my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came to visit. They live about an hour north of me and rarely have time off or choose to leave their circle and life and home. I felt totally honored that they would choose to spend a day off with me.
I love this little man.

This is a busy month at work, with special events every weekend (not the least of which is Holy Week), and I feel busy. D's brother gets married in Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend so we will be driving there on Friday. I hope we get to hit up the Bill Clinton Museum. That would be amazing.

Also, we went to see both Hanna and Arthur this weekend and both were awesome. Way to go movies! AND, we finally are going to go see Jane Eyre on Thursday night when we drive up to Dallas. I am so excited I feel the need to write in bold.

In other news, since the passing of Brian Jacques I felt the need to read the Redwall books. I never read them as a child and our library helpfully carries all of them. I am loving these books. They are fabulous. They are deep, and gritty, wonderfully funny, full of community and hard work, accepting of all kinds, sizes, and types of animals. So worth reading. Especially if you are a seven year old boy.

Buh. The end!

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