Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have been wrestling with my computer. It is a unique individual made up of many and varied parts and it requires special knowledge and special skill, neither of which I possess. It is an education.

One) the wind wont stop blowing. It is glorious beyond description. In the fifties and blustery makes me joyful.
Two) Our goats are pregnant and due momentarily. I had a dream last night that they all gave birth to cows.
Three) I have a full day of enjoyable activities ahead of me including but not limited to;
a) movies with Haley
b) ethan durelle at cg's
c) goodbye dance party for Leona at la finca.
Four) I don't work again for the next couple of days and am pleased to have this much time to myself.
Five) I am negative towards money, or possessing negative monies. Or something.
Six) I haven't applied to UT yet and know that I should, so that you for keeping on me about it.



Doc said...

moors: certainly in the sense of othello (perhaps slightly in denzel washington's don pedro) and also in the sense of the setting of the hound of the baskervilles.

i'm also interested in heaths; besides ledger and the ericaceae, i like the look of the town in northwest tx and some of the photos taken by darren. but the best heath i can think of is w. heath robinson.

i've never seen Prince of Thieves, and dave chapelle did not play a particularly convincing moor in Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

sharon said...

I really wish you would write more often. Like perhaps everyday. This would make things so much better. And don't apply to UT, UTA is a much better choice. Its not stuck up, there's no wait list, you could live with me. We could go to school together... for a semester. Yes? yes?