Thursday, January 24, 2008

I would never survive Siberia.

It has been so cold these last few days that I feel like I will never be able to achieve normal body heat again. After a morning of harvesting and washing vegetables on Tuesday I sunk into what I have come to believe was a hypothermic coma. Amazing sleep it was. I don't want to ever be this cold again.

Going to Austin tomorrow for a couple of days. This should be good. The farm has been strange these last few weeks. It will be good to get some distance.

An interesting, and wildly ridiculous option has been presented to me. I am praying about it and trying to make good decisions.

We had a party at the farm last week and ended up dancing for an hour and a half straight. That is one of the better ideas we have ever had.

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Doc said...

not so many people on blogger list moors as an interest. also, your blog has a cool name.