Saturday, February 09, 2008

On births and subsequent rebirths

I had a Sylvia Plath weekend or, to be more specific, I read The Bell Jar and then had a couple of seriously crazy days. Winter is hard on me and sometimes I think I need a little bit too much attention.

Then I was sick. For a week.

There you have it. So, because I have been wallowing and have nothing new to contribute or present, here are some snippets of what I was doing last year, at this time:

"I am in love with wikipedia. I want to have its babies. They would be so smart... and electronic. If anyone ever lets me have kids one of them will be named after wikipedia. A middle name at least. John Wikipedia Johnson. Good name? I think yes.

I had one of those best days today. Days that remind me of how good life is in its tiny, every day goodnesses. Nothing major happened, but the sun was shining. I had breakfast with a group of friends who I like and enjoy and don't actually spend that much time with. Then we had a picnic, H, N, zooey, puck, Sharon, and I, at the dam. Then Sharon and I spent an hour or so up at the MCC art building hanging out with Mike and Dave, who were firing the kiln, which was enjoyable at the least, and insane fun at best. Then we went to the volunteer bike shop and I played a mean game of tether ball with Tim, and then later with Sharon. Then H and I did yoga, in which our yoga teacher told us to stop "efforting" so much because it would lead us to be "egoish". She's and idiot. A very flexible idiot."

and again:

"Things that are making me happy at this exact moment in time:
1: Cirque du soleil
2. Pink hoop earrings
3. one shoe on, one shoe off
4. Hapworth 16, 1924 (and my sole ownership of it)
5. the haphazard making of coffee at home
6. making things out of clay
7. mild weather that smells cold
8. Friends that are coworkers, and visavis.
9. first paychecks, even when they are under $40
10. smelling good.

the end."

and again, only 2004... four years? really:

I'm madly in love with the weather. The kind that shakes the house with its crowing. Or when you're fading and you realize that you always thought you would die in a car accident and the sky lights up like God snapped his fingers behind those clouds and he laughs at you. Not yet, Ellie. Not yet. One fat rain drop thirty miles from home and not another until you pull up in front of the big brick house of your child hood, when you run laughing through the icy fatness that is this rainstorm. I didnt bother to put on shoes before I left my home to come home. I figured it didnt really matter. More than anything I wanted to pull over on I35W and sit on the roof of my car and grin at those low lazy clouds as they were transformed by the lightning. I still didn't do it. Amazing how an experiance in your mind is almost as good as one outside it when you're all by yourself. I think of him everyday. I wonder if I will still in a year."

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Doc said... is chock full of interesting heaths, including several previously unfamiliar heaths. (i had to make sure i didn't misrepresent any of the heaths i already liked, and there's no such thing as spell check for proper nouns.) being interested in heaths and slightly obsessed with texas, i felt compelled to investigate, and the photos at the top of the page were striking. being so thorough tastes like both a virtue and a vice.

and so heath, texas came to be on the list of heaths i like.