Monday, February 25, 2008

Permanence and transience

I have applied to UT.

You will never believe how much trouble applying to things (or attending things for that matter) cause. I have been on the phone with Cedar Valley for so many hours that I feel like I know everyone in the registrars office by name.

Things to pray about this week:
One) The envelope that I sent to Austin via Miriam does, in fact, contain a transcript and that Miriam will get it there safe and sound.
Two) The transcript that I forgot to request from Eastern until this morning, and that will not be mailed until Wednesday (they assured me, despite my pleading) would get to UT by Saturday.

That last one.... could for sure use your prayers. I think it could only be achieved miraculously. So... heres to a week of tenterhooks. Cheers.

I was on weekend duty here at the farm this last weekend. We get weekends off accepting the two unlucky suckers who have to stay behind and run the farm. This weekend it was myself and Terri Lynn. I like Terri Lynn and we had a good weekend getting to know each other. She is relatively new, been here just over a month, and is incredibly slow at milking. I discovered this.

Milking is one of those tasks that you get better at the more you do it. You get used to being so close to the goats, you realize that you can't really hurt them and that they can't really hurt you, and your arm muscles build up so that you can actually perform the task with some ease. I am an incredibly slow milker. Probably in the bottom three. I make up for this by being very quick at prep and clean up tasks. Terri Lynn is very thorough.

On top of all of this, we have added a rediculous number of baby animals to the farm in the last months or so and they require extra looking after. Here is what a Saturday looks like.
6:30 am: Milking goats and letting them out to pasture
8:00 am: (ideally done milking, but sometimes you never know) Milk out the Mama's (four of them) and letting the mom's and kids out to pasture. They'd never done this before. It was insane.
After that: feed the rabbits, let out the chickens, feed and water them, take out the dry goats.
After that: Feed the pullets (young chickens)
10:00 am: Take signs out to road side and open the village store
3:00 pm: Close the village store and collect signs. Collect eggs. Wash and box eggs.
4:30 pm: Bring in Goats. Milk.
After that, generally about 6 pm: Bring in Moms and kids. Bring in dry goats. Shut up Chickens. Feed Pullets.

and then I go to work at Starbucks, 6:45 to Midnight. And then get up to milk again on Sunday.

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