Saturday, May 17, 2008

A goat named Eleanor

My move off the farm is in progress. It is progressing in that I have moved most of my belongings to our new house but am still sleeping, showering, and eating at the farm. We won't have electricity until Monday. That and I don't own a bed. When I say things like that people say, "Why don't you get a bed." And I say, "I'm too young to own a bed." Which they, rightly, think is ridiculous statement. But really.

Today Jessica and I spent about four hours researching paint colors, an hour and a half playing in Lowes, and two hours actually painting. Our house is amazing.

We are going to have a party, a Party Attack in fact, in late June after Jess gets back from India and I get back from my all encompassing trip to the east coast. Look forward to it.

Also, Triple had triplets. Patrick, Barrett, and Eleanor.


the cole family: said...

hey, one of the triplets spent the evening in our house with us because he was sick. we didnt know he already had a name so we named him Indie. sadly, he went to sleep last night and didn't wake up this morning. just thought you'd want to know.

the cole family: said...

oh, and we are SO sorry that we came home late the other day. thanks for babysitting. i heard toby was throwing a fit, sorry. i'm so glad that becca came over and rescued you! Gus just kept talking. seriously, three different times we said we needed to go and he just kept talking. haha but thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Ellie. I like the picture of the clothesline and the burnt out yellow grass. It makes my heart jump. Also, we should sit outside and drink gin and tonics and maybe smoke a clove sometime this fall when our new person doesn't need me every single little tiny continuous second. What do you think? Maybe not smoke. That's actually horrible for breastfeeding moms to do...what am I thinking? But just a tiny gin and tonic would be all right ok. Oh, from Amy.