Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gillian and I make on hell of a team

I am preparing for moving off the farm. Jessica and I signed a lease and we move into our new house, which is beautiful, on the 15th. After all the up-in-the-airness and indecision it is nice to have a plan that I am happy in and with. However... I am leaving the farm.

People always ask me what I am planning on doing next, and I am always saying that I don't know, or lying and saying that I am planning on going to school. Maybe thats not a lie, or not always a lie, but it feels like one right now. This reoccurring question and answer session has led me to the realization that in this farm and these people I have found the fulfillment of most of my dreams and desires.

The sky in Texas is immense and during the change over between seasons (spring and fall being change overs more than seasons here) there is nothing stopping the big, burly wind from shouldering its way down our farm lane. It blusters here. The wind dances crazily around your ears and through the leaves of that one amazing cottonwood until all you can hear is ocean waves and you forget that you are in the middle of the prairie.

We all sit outside on the grass. Someone (probably David) pulls out a frizbee and starts tossing it around. Communal, non-competitive sports. We sprawl, barefooted and tan, laughing at Toby, coaxing Elliana to walk from one set of arms to another. We cut each others hair. Eventually, as the sun begins its lazy decent the guitar is brought out only to be monopolized by Toby's awkward, not quite three-year olds arms. The skies blue sinks into orange, the orange into pink, the pink into purple, and the purple into a velvety black, blanketed with stars.
"Its amazing how clear the sky is even though the highway is just over there."
"This farm is magic."

Dear World Hunger Relief,
For all the hours of sunshine; for the patience to walk along side me as I grew; for the enlightenment and encouragment; for every hour of earned sleep and every bite of earned food; for the breaking down of numerous walls and the building up of uncountable strengths; for being the best model of heaven I have yet encountered; for the creation of best friends; for biceps and hamstrings; for lentils and quinoa; for these past nine months;
thank you.


sharon said...

I think the biggest question is,"does this mean you're leaving Waco?"

the cole family: said...

dont go! or if you really have to, at least come visit daily like jessica does. but since jessica wont be coming to the farm to see you anymore, then both of you will have to come here to see me. ok, thats settled.

Anonymous said...

I feel you. Maybe more than you know. Or the same as you know. Or something.
It will always stay with you. Let it. Make it.
Adios and goodnight and thanks for the post about WHRI and what it is and isn't and how it's even more than what it is. Life, does anyone ever realize you???
-Amy Griff-Robertson person