Saturday, August 02, 2008

Its been a really rough and hard week... week and a half. But its done. My starbucks is gone, boxed and shipped, signs removed, lots of elbow grease and tears. I now work at another Starbucks and am maybe thinking I don't want to.

Recorded a song with Nick. I will get it so you can hear it sometime, maybe. It saved my sanity this week, I think. Great song.

We had our first house meeting before I had to rush off to work again. I love our house and, in the wise words of Justin Davis "I don't think Ellie is going to like working this much."

Start my job Nannying in a week and a half. This looks great and promising and great.

Now, we go to celebrate the wonderful, beautiful Stephanie Cole and I am so so so excited. Happy birthday, STEPH!!!

... nada mas.

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holly said...

Hey Ellie!

Thanks so much for the message! When you were at the farm I'd sometimes check into your blog to see how it was all doing - I loved reading about your experiences there! I'm definitely considering getting into the agriculture field in one manner or another, so I'll definitely keep WHR in mind.
I'm actually at North Park University in Chicago, not eastern, but the program I'm doing this summer is through a partner institute (Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies), so there are people here from all over the country. It's been pretty amazing, though I'm glad it's finally coming to an end. just one presentation and two finals to go!

anyhow, hope all is well with you! and if you ever make it up to Chicago again let me know and we'll talk farms...