Sunday, August 03, 2008

Best of times

We celebrated Stephanies birthday in style. A night at the Hyatt, several bottles of wine, one big bed made of two pushed together in which we all slept, a roof top pool (and later a roof top star gaze), a nice dinner on the town, and several glorious rides in the glass elevator. What a good time. We got yelled at for not wearing shoes, and later TJ and David got in trouble for running the wrong way up the escalator (with no shoes). We f0und the door to the roof and Jessica mooned Dallas (its true!). Steph commented about how funny it is to be 25 and running around a four star hotel at two in the morning getting in trouble, but I think this is the best possible age to do these things. When else in your life are you more fully free? Right now. Right now is the time.

I think the bed was our favorite part. Jessica took pictures. I will put them up soon.

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Amy said...

I miss you too.
And - yes, post pictures of the birthday of Stephanie.
I need to come visit you and your house and your handful of people. Man, Ellie - sometimes when I think of you I think of young TJ and young us (18 or so) and your older sister and apt...98?? and then I think...we're really aging like we thought maybe we wouldn't. You know, like a hard rain or a fast train just coming, coming, coming. Now, I am rambling and being silly. But seriously.