Saturday, August 09, 2008

A birthday in photographs

So, here are the pictures (see previous post):

Driving around in TJ's dads mad awesome Mercedes SUV.

Steph and David being awesome and adorable at the birthday dinner at the birthday restaurant. They served us rock candy on sticks for our coffee. Delicious and fun!

This is the view from the elevator at about the 18th floor. We rode it several times. Better than six flags.

Then we took our picture in the window. A surprisingly good photo.

Jessica hid when the front desk brought us wine glasses.

Then we pushed the beds together!!!

Teddy and I relaxed while Jess set up the camera...

Then we all got settled...

And viola! Big Bed pictures!!

Then we watched TV, and drank wine, and played taboo (not pictured).

I think this first photo is a legitimate reaction to "Man vs. Wild" and the second is after we knew Jessica was taking pictures of us.

And that is the end!

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the cole family: said...

oh i love it! and i love you guys. too bad we can't do out-of-town-big-bed-hotel-adventures every month! :)