Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strange how hard it rains now...

I am officially a nanny. Two kids, ages 11 and 9, are now my responsibility three hours a day, fifteen hours a week. This is going to be incredibly fun.

Beth is here from Germany and Mandy is here from Boston (I think Waco was easier for her to visit than Dusseldorf) for the next week and a half. I like our house this full.

Kris, Allan, and I are about to partake in the wonder that is fifty cent Tuesdays a the Starplex Super Saver. Hell boy 2, here we come.

We are planning a trip to Fredricksburg for grape stomp this week end. Two hotel rooms for $80, a large group of friends, and wine.

Oh, and we got chickens.
Oh, and I ordered mushrooms spores from fieldforest.net.

Check it. What up?


the cole family: said...

love the picture! but i'm jealous and upset that you didn't tell us about Fredricksburg. sheesh!

Anonymous said...

heyhey hey. you or jessica should put some picture somewhere on the interweb so that i can see and take them. not in a stealing way, but a spreading out sharing kind of way.