Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be here now

I am listening to Michelle Obama speak at the national convention in Denver. I find political speeches incredibly overwhelming. They shed such light on the mess that we're in. The promises made are amazing reflections of our deep need. There is such a huge gap between what is needed and what seems possible. I hope they accomplish even half of what they're making us believe in. Its a great speech. I'm a little teary eyed.

I... well.

I am over employed. I just got my third job... which I am excited about. Tired, but excited. I can't probably keep this up for very long, but for now... well. For now.

Our chickens laid their first egg!

I am trying to feel the same way about Jesus as I do about Ray Lamontagne. I just... I. So, thats all.


Anonymous said...

my bad. pictures from the weekend. i know someone in your house had to have pictures.
good luck with the working. if you need some moral support i can bring over some ice cream anytime baby.

Holly! said...

Oh man I love "Jolene" :_ ) I have Pandora to thank for that little jewel.

How are you anyway? Coming up towards Dallas anytime soon?