Sunday, June 14, 2009

My baby roommate is growing so quickly! He's sitting up, starting solid food, and listening excitedly to stories. Babies need constant replacing in my opinion.

I have been studying math. It isn't any easier now than it was ten years ago. I have to take a test in order to go to school in the fall. Apparently if you've been out of high school more than five years you need to prove that you can do elementary math before they will allow you to take college math. This annoys me greatly. Mostly because I'm not sure I can do elementary math.

"Lift high the roof beam carpenters. Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man."

I am liking living in this new house but am, if anything, busier than I was before. This places me nearly constantly in a sad place. I am tired, and a little left out, and starting, once again, to question the choices that have brought me here. Instead of . . . there. That looks so great from where I am sitting. I want to love my life and am currently unsure of how to do that. Things change. And change. And change again.

My parents are moving to Seattle on July 1st, and then Malaysia in September. I went to collect some of my belongings last night. Belonging.

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