Thursday, July 09, 2009

alice's jealous talons

So in the last couple of days the medical community has pretty much amazed me with their efficiency. Blood test Monday. Check. Results back Tuesday. Check. Referral to an Endocrinologist Wednesday. Check. Radio Iodine scan scheduled Thursday. Check. To be completely honest, this rapidity is somewhat overwhelming. I haven't really absorbed any information at all. Though I am very grateful. I am developing worsening symptoms which I think are 9/10ths psyco somatic. Tender neck, sore throat. Tired. The sooner we get this identified fully and treated the better I suppose.

My health seems to be my all consuming interest at this point in my life. I've gotten to see a lot of good friends lately, even if only briefly, and I am learning to be very grateful for the depth of these friendships. Very grateful.

My parents are happily in the greater Seattle area and I am anxiously counting the days until I will get to be there too. Wearing sweaters. Drinking tea.

Or, I suppose not drinking tea. Since my doctor says I can't. Geez.

Also I have had four days off in as many weeks. Which makes me feel crazy.


l.borrego said...

I hope all of your tests go well and reveal to your doctors what the right and most effective treatment is for you! And why no tea? Maybe decaf??

Kim said...

lawdy...that's a lot of tests. hey so you've only been in my former home territory for like a couple of days and i'm already missing your presence. hope things are going well, are relaxing and beautiful, and that you get to soak up some rain and some good time with your family.