Monday, July 06, 2009

I went to doctor this morning to have my thyroid looked at. There is something wrong, of this we are certain. Blood taken, blood work being done, and ultrasound scheduled. There are just one or two options, regardless of what turns out to be wrong. We medicate my symptoms, give me some pills to slow my heart rate, stop the headaches, ease the swelling, essentially putting off treatment. Or we treat it now. And I lose my thyroid and go on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of my life. I am only 26. I am thinking. It's interesting that this doesn't really change anything about my life at all. I've had this problem for a while now, they think, and am alright. I've been living with it, I will continue to live with it. I will be fine. I think I am going to opt out of medicating the symptoms. It just seems that treating the problem rather than the visible signs would be all around a better idea.

Of course, it could be cancer. Then we've got a whole other set of problems. That's not at all likely.

Anyway, the should get my blood work back in a couple of days and schedule me for an ultrasound and we will figure out whats going on.

On a totally unrelated note, drank beer with some good, old friends last night. There is something so rightfeeling about low lighting, laughter, and beer. My life being as it is, I could use more evenings such.

I like my scattered friendships. I wish we weren't so scattered.


Courtney Hope said...

Gosh- I just read this post and thought to myself, "I want to be more like her... I want to have this kind of perspective..."

I know you'll be ok, but that doesn't negate the scary part of things right now. I mean, thyroids aren't that important, right? :)

Anyhow, I'm glad you're doing well-

Kim said...

dude having smatterings of friends all over the place is hard cause it's like why can't we all just live in one big house, but then we wouldn't even be who we are and thus we totally wouldn't be friends. so.

you're going to have it yanked out, huh? pray, girl. i would probably do the same thing. but just pray.

love you, ps. you need anything? let me know. some iron. hormoneeees (said like the aunt from my big fat greek wedding). a shift or two taken over. let me know. i'll be there (oh, mj)...