Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am ill a good deal these days. And the rest of the time, humming Rilo Kiley's "Better son or daughter" under my breath, I am considering Sylvia and the crawl space. All that to say:

My dad procured me a ticket to Penang. I leave June 8th, fly many miles and hours, and land in Tokyo on the 10th. Then to Hong Kong and to Penang. Then I have two full months to do nothing in the care of my parents.

Google assures me it will look like this:


Wondering Child... said...

It does look like that! For real...I have pictures that look just like that! Love and miss you, dear.

Davie said...

I do not like the sound of you being ill, still and continuously. I'll make a point of speaking with God about this. Penang, on the other hand, sounds like a brilliant destination. Tudungs and delicious food. Paternal love.