Monday, March 29, 2010

a nice relaxing summer in Asia

I don't seem to like the proposed platform. This little box they have set up for me to type in saps my strength. Daunting it is.

I am starting to shy away from this online world of "blogging" for reasons that should have been clear and obvious from the beginning. It is ridiculous. This assumption that I actually have anything to say, any observance that is somehow lasting and important, is arrogant in the extreme. And other peoples arrogance irks me even more. Your blogs are starting to bother me. This is not entirely true. Your blog either bothers me with your forced profundity (it's not really any of you that read this that do this, none the less I feel the need to vent), or I am so twisted by jealousy of your beautiful lives and a deep homesickness to be near you, that it takes almost all joy from the reading. I have always wanted to be you.

That said, let me be forcibly profound about some every day mundane things. Baylor University, which I never attended and hold no allegiance towards, has some very good basketball teams. They advanced incredibly far this year. This is interesting only because, quite suddenly, everyone I know is an avid sports fan. I walk downstairs for dinner and the game is playing on the radio. The game is playing on the radio. Whose house did I stumble into? Drew and I were preparing to spend an evening together when, suddenly (and totally beyond my ability to understand) he turns on the television and we proceed to spend the next forty minutes or so watching basketball. We. Watched basketball. On television.

Now, I like basketball. I do. And these were some very close, very exciting games, but really? I was pretty grumpy about it. Drew said something like, if you were dating any other guy he'd spend a lot more time watching sports. This is an interesting statement. Simply put, I probably would not be dating that guy. At least I've managed not to so far.


I am covered in eczema. Eczema is this interesting genetic/allergic/random pain in the ass disease. Love it. Can't even tell you. Makes me miserable all the time, and there is, in a wonderful, literal way, nothing I can do about it. When I say I am covered in eczema what I mean is I have had this my entire life and have never seen anything like this. It is in my ears, for the love.

I have been putting off going to the doctor out of some, probably misplaced, loyalty towards my acupuncturist who has, thus far, been very helpful. We're working on my eczema through a variety of herbal approaches, including supplements and this strange smelling herbal wash that I essentially bath in twice daily. These are not really working. Putting off going to the doctor seemed like a good idea because

A) all eczema treatments are topical and I really don't want another prescription especially when it is one that I have to rub all over my entire body, and

B) I am already paying to see an acupuncturist, may as well take advantage of her services in this area as well, and

C) he isn't a dermatologist and will probably send me to one and I have too many doctor bills to keep up with as it is.

All this to say that I am going to the doctor this week. Maybe he will give me a Cortizone shot like they do for poison ivy. That would be awesome. All herbal healing aside, an itchy rash on your face and in your ears is not to be born.

So. There.

I have started to nanny for that family with those kids again. It is not my favorite job, but it is a fine, easy, well paying one and every day I spend with them is a day closer to a nice, relaxing summer in Asia. A nice, relaxing summer in Asia.


Heidi said...

it is a good mantra. but i do hope to see you sometime before.

hannah said...

i am glad you blog so i can know what's going on with you. :) you have to keep it up so i can be very jealous of your nice relaxing summer in asia.