Friday, June 25, 2010


We went to Singapore. It was a great vacation. Singapore is clean and modern and very expensive. We stayed in this hilariously small hotel which made me think of that room that the muppets say in in The Great Muppet Caper with the bed that folds out of the wall.

We spent the first day sight seeing and wandering until it was time for the Night Safari. The night safari is essentially a zoo, at night, full of nocturnal animals. I really enjoyed it, though it is hard to see the animals in the dark. They have some lighting close up in the enclosures, but if the animal aren't there, then you're out of luck. We were really close to a lot of animals, like a fishing cat, some binturong, asian otters, a tapir, and then we got to walk through a bat enclosure where the bats were all around us. Including Malaysian Flying Foxes which are huge and lovely.

The next day we spent mostly in the botanical gardens. If I lived in Singapore, this is where I would spend all my time. Its a huge public park full of thousands of giant trees.

And then there are the orchids. In the middle of the botanical gardens there is an orchid garden with thousands and thousands of orchids. Gorgeous.

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