Monday, June 21, 2010


I am finding it hard to balance pictures and writing. The picture posting, due to our questionable internets, takes way more time and effort than it would normally. By the time I get them all loaded, I forget what I was going to say and end up simply captioning the photos. I suppose that is okay.

We have fallen into a very nice routine of doing very little. My parents both have jobs that involve international travel and computer work. Very little of it actually involves leaving the apartment. Considering the length of my trip, this has been pretty alright with me so far. Our tempos match. They are 60ish, and I just feel like I am. This trip is long enough that I have no fear of missing out on seeing things. Taking it easy.

On Sunday we attended church. It is a mostly Chinese congregation with some Indian families. They had a special guest performance of the Boys Brigade, which I gather is the Methodist boy scouts. A drum and bagpipe corps.
I giggled, but managed to keep my laughter pretty much contained. The absolute last thing I expected to encounter in a Malaysian Methodist Church was bagpipes, yet, here they are.

After church we went to Lau Sher, a tea shop that my parents have visited a couple of times before. My mom was reasonably
confident that she remembered the general rules of how to serve the tea, but was corrected rather sternly a couple of times by the tea shop proprietress.
We had lunch there and it was amazing.

Today it poured. All day. I will admit to feeling a little homesick.

My mom managed to find the last of the seasons Mangosteen at the market this morning. Aren't they cute? Like something someone would make and sell on Etsy? Sorry this first one is a little blurry. Blame it on the camera.

I finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell last night. A big, dark, very good book. I liked it a lot. I have moved on the Jonathan Lethems, Fortress of Solitude.

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