Saturday, June 12, 2010

Post Number Two

This is a short one. Today we went the mall, which is like any mall anywhere. McDonald's, Famous Amos, Auntie Anne's, etc. etc. etc. Also a Big apple donuts. Where I got . . .

A donut with cheese! That's white chocolate icing with imported New Zealand cheese. Actually quite delicious. Cheese is considered a sweet in most parts of Asia, which I suppose is why you don't see it very often in Asian food restaurants.

Also we went to a pet store (or more like a pet kiosk) where I got to pet super fuzzy bunnies, and poke at sugar gliders, and I gave a sweet little hedgehog a leg up when he got stuck.

My parents have been super sweet and adorable about me being here. My dad says that there is pretty much one restaurant per person on Penang, so our eating out options are pretty limitless. We've planned our days so far based on where to eat. Love it.

I do miss home, and I miss talking to people. Skype me! We are 13 hours ahead of you here, so mornings and evenings tend to work out best. I am almost always online. I'd love you talk to you.

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