Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This island seems to be entirely sky scrapers. At least from what I can see off our balcony. From what my dad says I gather that they are mostly apartment buildings. Lots and lots of apartments, with more going up all the time.

Everywhere I look I see laundry flying. Ten stories up and the windowsills are full of clothing on hangers. That would make me nervous. There is the odd article on the tin roof of the car park below. Amazingly most of it seems to stay where it is put. Or gets blown too far away to be recovered.

Yesterday morning on our walk to the market my mother and I waded through a pack of mangy dogs with unhealthy green goo in their eyes. They were incredibly pitiable, but also hilarious in a cartoonish sort of way. Elongated maws filled with sharp little teeth, gnawing on fish heads. Dogs are unclean to Muslims and generally neglected the world over. Sometimes I forget because where I am from dogs get anti-anxiety medicine and pedicures.

Malaysia is populated by many people groups, but three primarily; Malays, Chinese, and Tamils. The Island of Penang, where we live, is mostly Chinese, but the restaurants seem to mostly be Indian. At least the ones we eat at.

Malays eat with a fork and a spoon, like Thai people. Indians eat with their right hands. And Chinese eat with chop sticks

From our apartment you can see a mosque and a Hindu temple. You pass a Buddhist temple on the walk to the market. It is interesting and strange to speculate on peoples religious beliefs based on their ethnicity. According to law, all Malays are born Muslim. My mom found a website that sells burquini's, Muslim swimwear. Fascinating.

I've been swimming everyday and have decided that a mile is my goal. Setting small goals for myself seems important. I don't have much expected of me here and it is good to have some reason to get out of bed.

I found out today that the job I thought I had lined up at Habitat for Humanity isn't mine after all. This is okay, though a little disappointing. I have spent most of today working on my resume and searching through various ISD websites. Anyone know of a nice, full-time clerical position opening up in the fall? Hook a sister up.


Joseph said...

"Malays eat with a fork and a spoon, like Thai people. Indians eat with their right hands. And Chinese eat with chop sticks."

That is a marvelous sequence of words. Like Orwell, but with your heart.

Donnell said...

This is awesome. I hope that you are having a marvelous time. Don't worry about us liking Drew more. We will like you equally but maybe in different ways. ;)

You must take more pictures. Get a disposable if need be. I want more pictures. More pictures. More pictures. More pictures.