Monday, December 20, 2010

This is super cliche and a little sad, but I've been thinking, and mostly, it doesn't feel like Christmas because I've been so "busy". It doesn't help that it is supposed to be 81 degrees tomorrow. You have to make room, to push things aside and find the expectation of what is coming. Advent is so very necessary.

I have lost so much of the expectation of things in my life these days. I am not nearly as busy as I have been in my life and I am filling my extra hours with . . . nothing? Things? Expectation.

I have come to the conclusion that gluten is maybe not the culprit. I don't feel much, if any, better having removed it (nearly) completely from my life. I still have headaches, though the traction exercises are helping a lot, and I am still tired, but I suppose that is what comes with having a thyroid that can't make up its mind to simply work.

I am struggling with my present. Slightly dissatisfied. Always.

Seeking comfort and joy.

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