Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As a part of my work I maintain a website. I've been working here for almost five months and just learned how to do this last week. I feel like Mark Zuckerberg, only sans the genius and math parts. We watched The Social Network the other day and I came away with two major observations:
  1. Mark Zuckerberg is an evil genius,
  2. Justin Timberlake is one seriously homely fellow.
I guess I'd never really looked at him before when he wasn't doing something else really well, like dancing or being hilarious on SNL. When he is just standing there his mish-mash of a face is a little disconcerting. In many ways, I find this hopeful. Americans buy fame with their faces so often. It's nice to see someone whose talent merits the hoopla.

Website management and (sigh) newsletter creation are awful. I am thrilled, of course, to have something of the "work" variety to do here, at my desk, on my refurbished computer, in my cave of a crowded, windowless office (redundant so you get it). Considering no one calls me (except for Kevin. Hi, Kevin!), visits me, or needs me, I was starting to go a little nuts. This, at least, is a reason to be chained here and strongly discouraged from leaving. It feels wuuuuuuunderful.

These endless preceding months have enabled me to develop my mad-savy intertube (that's my cutesy nickname for the world wide web. We're close like that.) sifting skills. I find all sorts of interesting crap on the internet! I have my websites, mostly humor based, which I frequent. For a while I had a contest that I entered every day (and I am considering entering the search for contests into my daily intertube routine), and I, of course, am incredibly versed in which celebrities have various deformities. That's an incredible use of the internet right there.

I am starting to wish that I had a digital camera. I've never really wanted one before, but I live alone now, and have been convinced by everyone else's blog-led lives that I am at least as clever/artsy/snide as anyone else. I just need a camera to prove it. Also I want to learn how to make marzipan. And fabric flowers.

You are probably wondering why blog posts have been so few and far between if I am spending as much time as claimed swimming the internet. I have no explanation for you. As far as I can tell, I am lazy.

Since acquiring a boyfriendother, my productivity has plummeted. I'm pretty sure it is his fault. I used to do . . . something. Stuff? I had friends, maybe. I am sure I did. Whatever, regardless, yesterday I decided to make good on my time. Things I did yesterday:
  • sewed a button on D's shirt
  • hemmed a pocket
  • swept my apt.
  • did some dishes
  • tore the seam out of some pillowcases (they will eventually be a skirt)
  • sorted my laundry (thought it all ended up back in the same basket since I only have one laundry basket and I didn't actually do laundry yesterday).
  • made up my mind to go swimming today.
I will go swimming today.

If anyone still reads this, I hereby promise to be here more often, waiting for your visits.


The Coles said...

am i your most faithful reader?

if so, I want a prize. a big one.

and i'm very glad to hear that you will be posting more often. i love hearing about your life. :)

Davie said...

I always read this, but I find Justin Timberlake generally quite pleasing to the eyes. Though I don't care for his curly nest o' hair, much preferring it closely cropped.

This was not the most interesting thing that you wrote but simply the easiest thing to respond to. I want to hear more about the boyfriendother, and the genesis of this moniker.

Donnell said...

I've never really paid attention to how Justin looks. He's just funny and that's enough.

How About Orange just put up a fabric tutorial... like yesterday, maybe. I'm pretty sure it's but you might want to google it instead.

I definitely want to see the new pillowcase skirt. I love the orange sheet skirt.