Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Monday!


For all of my life up until this year I have worked erratic and ridiculous jobs. These jobs sort of, kind of destroyed the idea of weekends and, with weekends, the idea of a "case of the Muuuundays" kind of Monday. If your weekends aren't too good-to-be-true, hold-on-to-every-last-drop kind of days, Mondays seem kind of okay in comparison. Especially if sometimes you get them off. Which I did.

However, now I work a very mundane 9-5 (or 8:20-ish to 4 if we're honest), which makes weekends simple shine. Which, in turn, makes Mondays just that much bleaker. I don't love Mondays. I do not.

D and I watch movies. More movies than you do, trust me. And we are better at it. Probably. For the sake of being superior I am going to pretend that we only watch movies on the weekends because we live well balanced and structured lives. Then, on Mondays, I am going to talk about the movies we watched over the weekend. If it sounds like we watched more movies than could fit in a weekend and you want to start having sneaky thoughts about how I might be lying to you about when we watch movies (like all the time, maybe), you are probably wrong and, actually, kind of nosy for being so interested in our movie watching habits. So. Without further adieu, here are some movie thoughts.

So we borrow movies from the library mostly. When I say "we" I mean Drew. We watch movies at his house because it is currently much warmer, bigger, and better outfitted. This means we watch movies he picks/owns, unless I have been very clever/employed a lot of forethought. We instigated a trade-off system where he picks one and then I pick one, which sometimes works. Like when we watched the 2007 version of Persuasion staring Sally Hawkins, and the actress who plays Lady Russell also plays the Queen of the Borg in the 1996 film "Star Trek: First Contact", inspiring us to watch that as well. So yes. See? It works.

Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes films have sequels. Sometimes netflix movies overlap with library movies and we have to watch certain films quickly in order to get them all back on time. Sometimes it is October and all we are allowed to watch, apparently, are Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead versions. Which is really, really not fine. Sometimes I've been wanting to see a certain film but, because it is scary, don't want to watch it by myself and then, because I request it, it becomes my pick. Usually this results in me making Drew watch five hours of something British when my turn does roll around again. Systems. The key to peace.

I am tired of talking about movies. We got a great gift of a cook book this weekend. We are making soups. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


Donnell said...

Don't forget to tell about Dragonslayer. It was fun!!!!

Heidi said...

I like the wishlist section. And, just so you know, if you ever move here our rabbit can be your rabbit. Her name is juliet but we call her bunbun. She's kind of awesome.