Thursday, February 17, 2011

This water is expired

I am officed in a food pantry. I have worked here about six months now and have gained - oh, just hundreds - of pounds. That might be an exaggeration. Slightly. It feels, however, like God's own truth. I have been struggling to come up with good ways to make this phenomenon a nonphenomenon (new favorite thing to say, nonphenomenon nonphenomenon nonphenomenon). I have the following excuses:
  • before I worked at Starbucks, which meant that I was on me feet, moving, and, more often than not, sweating several hours every day.
  • working in a pantry means near constant access to cookies. And chips. And lemon bunt cake. And donuts. And sugary beverages.
  • I have zero reasons to leave my desk during the day. Other than going to the bathroom.
So. Combating the phenomenon. What do I do? Obviously, ignore the free foods. Because, really, they aren't actually food at all. Secondly, get up every hour and run up and down the stairs a couple of times. Thirdly, I try to swim several times a week. In reality I swim about once a month. So, that one isn't really working. I have been considering replacing my desk chair with one of those exercise balls. I've heard that helps strengthen your core.

Dishearteningly, I think it has something to do with my illness. This is an abnormal amount of weight gain. Even more dishearteningly, it looks like exercise is the name of the game. Bleh.

I am taking suggestions for creative ways to be active in an office. Preferably without attracting too much attention.


Heidi said...

could you bike to work?

Lucy DeCoded said...

I find that trying to totally deny myself access to cookies just ends up in failure...because who can deny them? Right now I'm on a "one dessert per day" diet, which means that I have to choose: should I have a doughnut at 10:00, a hot cocoa at 2:00, a cookie at 4:00 or an icecream sundae at 9:00? By allowing myself one treat, I am more likely to skip the other ones. I have even lost a couple pounds. :) Exercise or not, it helps to not be eating sweets five times a day or so, as I used to do.