Thursday, March 03, 2011

I've had an epiphany. Sometimes I feel totally unprepared for the effort that it takes to write blog entries. Then I realized that I spend my entire day sifting the tube and posting things to fuh-book. I could easily start posting things here instead. See how smart I am?

So I have replaced my desk chair with an exercise ball, as promised. I found this article on why you should. I will admit, I was googling "exercise balls as desk chairs" to see if the shooting pain I feel in my left side is normal, but since it apparently isn't, I am going to pretend that I don't feel it. Problem solved.

So far, today on the internet I have read this article about how Charlie Sheen's rants just sound like David Bowie lyrics, and I created a totally superfluous wedding registry on Williams Sonoma because I found a blog contest that wins you 150 Williams Sonoma dollars, which I would use to buy these beauties. I feel a little bit like I am cheating with the registry thing, but the contest rules didn't say you couldn't make up a totally fictitious fiance named Thor Bullionbarg just to try to win a gift card. If I win I will consider sharing it with Thor.

Also, on the radio this morning NPR (my only real news source) told me that Providence, Rhode Island fired ALL of it's teachers. Also, blogger doesn't recognize the word "Rhode" in Rhode Island as being a real word. What the lump? The most interesting part about that story was, to me, the realization that Providence is a major urban center with 80% of it's students being black or Hispanic. I don't know what bubble of ignorance I've been living in, but this is what I pictured all of Rhode Island to look like:

So now, I suppose, in my head it looks more like this:
But without the teacher. Lame, Providence, Rhode Island. Super lame.

I did end up going to the small group on Tuesday instead of making the beautiful Nourished Kitchen molasses custard. I am not totally sure I made the right choice. I was griping about church etc. with the woman who is in charge of me in my office. She said something insightful, which was rare enough and sort of made me listen up. She said, "Sometimes it isn't about what you are getting out if it, it is about being obedient." This is a totally generic, christianese thing to say but, despite all of that, it is true, and I suppose I needed to hear it. Regardless, I don't think this small group thing is for me. At least not right now. Instead, I am going to attempt to use that time away from D to do the other things I want to do. Like learning how to make marzipan, and perfecting the lotion making, and sewing. And watching lots and lots of bbc miniseries.


Kelsey said...

following a recipe on making lotion sounds much more productive (and has a kind of obedience about it) than going to church. I also have issues. ;)

my sunday mornings involve watching lots and lots of tv, alone, and making some sort of craft. this seems like the perfect church for me, thank you.

Donnell said...

As I'm sure you know, Chris and I aren't church people but I am in support of any change or life style someone wants. So do what feel right.

Did you see/hear the npr things on Detroit public schools?

The Coles said...

your exercise ball as a chair makes me think of this :)

Amy said...

hey, just so you know. i miss you. snd i sm typing left handed with a little nursing on my lap and it sounds fun right this moment to go on a long walk and be full of humour snd good-natured cynicism. like a tart curd.

not turd.

i also have some love in my heart for shauna from wa.

lets reconvene or connect sometime.

Amy said...


That's all I want to say.

Also, we are all GF over here and I was just thinking that exact thing, GF (Laith has celiac) AND veg, at a restaurant??


We will have some options here, one particularly cool local restaurant that does serve legit meat (from producers we used to know in Brenham!), but still.

I want to say more, in response to your comment, and ask you a question....but I can't stare at this screen anymore.

2819899596 call me sometime! lets!

Her middle name is Plumbago. :)

I'm still confused about her first name. Maybe you could lend some advice.