Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yoga Thurs . . . er . . . Tuesday!

I recently found a copy of Yoga Journal in the bathroom of the house that I sit (I house sit sometimes). I like yoga. My friend, Heidi, and I were reminiscing recently about that one time, four years ago, when I lived in an apartment that was perfect for nothing except being a yoga studio. We didn't have any furniture, and the rooms were large, well lit, poorly heated, and with beautiful wood floors. We were avid fans of yogatoday.com, back when it was 100% free for a new one hour lesson every day. Heidi assures me that they give one free lesson a week now, and that that is plenty (and considering I don't even do that much, my bitterness at their sell out is totally misplaced). We really did get pretty good at yoga.

Which is a hilarious statement.

Regardless, I miss doing yoga. I miss being headache free, back pain free, and flexible. So, I am going to start doing it again. The yoga journal website helpfully lets you plan your own yoga sequences, which I am currently doing at work. I like this.

I am not such a big fan of the chakra mumbo-jumbo, but some things just go together. Yoga and mumbo-jumbo. I suppose this is a little amusing considering that I am a pretty big proponent for acupuncture and acupressure. Also, I just took this chakra test online. I have very under-active root and heart chakras, apparently, both of which have to do with feeling safe, grounded, able to love freely (I am supposed to chant LAM to open up the root chakra and YAM for the heart). Isn't that interesting? Mom, are you nervous about my spirituality yet?

The issue that I happened to pick up also has an amazing recipes for dosa, sambar, and potato masala, which are maybe the best foods in the world. I am going to photo copy them, and then go on a hunt for all the strange ingredients. Chances of finding them in my town? I'd say less than 20%. Still, I can make a spicy lentil soup and call it "sambar" or "dahl" or really anything I want. And I can make dosa from the packet that I secreted back from Malaysia this summer, and worry about finding split gram beans to ferment at a later date. YUM.

D and I have started to going to church together. After dating for a year and a half we thought we would broach this landmine of an issue. We decided to go to the church that he went to all through college. I have always kind of hated this church, though that is perhaps too strong of a word. I have issues with church all around, though I don't feel like going to go into all that here. I have many issues with this particular church, but kind of feel like I would be faced with similar issues no matter where we chose to go, so I might as well not fight about this. Issues. Key word here: Issues. However, there is also this small group that we are going to go to, or, more accurately, have gone to once. It meets tonight. Blerg. I can't bring myself to want to go! I need to think about this some more. Perhaps it has something to do with my under-active chakras.

Maybe tonight I can stay home, make dosa, and molasses custard (wonderfully gluten free), and do yoga. That sounds better. Did I mention I have issues?


Donnell said...

Molasses Custard sounds really good.

Eleanor said...

I haven't made it yet. I went to that group instead. I'll make it next time we hang out. Yes?