Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My sister, Katie, lives in Atlanta. We see her once a year, usually, during Christmas, sometimes twice a year, if we're lucky. Katie is one of my favorite people in the world. She was my best friend through all of high school and most of what we shall call "college". She came to Dallas this weekend to visit with our relatively newly minted nephew. He is a delight and our time together was precious. Our family is scattered around the world and we don't get to spend time together very often, and when you have such a young member of the family, frequent interaction is essential or you turn around and there is an unrecognizable young man where your baby nephew should be.

We went to Ikea. I'd never been there before and am now a grateful convert. I felt as if I had stumbled out of the middle ages into a futuristic wonderland. My brother and sister-in-law might have found me a little embarrassing, what with all the exclamations over seemingly mundane objects like lamps and wine glasses (6 for 4.99!!!), but it couldn't be helped. I was in the midst of a conversion experience. Sweden, you're the shit. Way to go.

One of the awesome things about me is that I never remember to take my camera anywhere and, even when I do, I rarely remember to use it. So I didn't take my camera with me to this wonderful mini family reunion, and you don't get any pictures. Deal with it.

We met up with some old friends and their beautiful children at the Ikea, and the next day went to dinner with some other old friends and their beautiful children. Friends with beautiful children. This is my life. You could do worse.

I have read a number of books since I last mentioned reading books. My friends Chris and Donnell loaned me a stack of books which I have gratefully devoured. Mostly they are scifi-dystopian, which I dig, though some are fantasy. I don't usually read fantasy, though perhaps this statement is a lie. I'm not sure there is anything I don't read. There are some things that I like less than others, but in general, if you give me a book I will read it. Probably.

Okay, this maybe is a dull post. So be it!


Donnell said...

Not dull. I enjoyed it.

Teegan said...

You are hilarious; I love to read your blog. In fact, sometimes I read it aloud to my husband, and after a witty line I say things like, "Isn't she so funny?!" or, "I really miss her!" And both are true.

Reeve said...

"Sweden, you're the shit."