Thursday, May 26, 2011

Attack the block

Last night we drove to Dallas for a special pre-screening of Attack the Block, a new British alien film that hasn't been released in the U.S. yet.
Executive produced by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, Scott Pilgrim), Attack the Block is, quite simply, awesome. I'm not sure if my taste in movies is changing the longer I date D, or if this movie is so genuinely good that I would suggest it to my best friend with full confidence that she would like it. This is maybe something interesting to ponder. Haley, do you want to watch this movie and then let me know?

Things I love about this movie:
It is scary and gross but not too scary or too gross. I didn't have to close my eyes for any of it.

It isn't afraid to center on characters who you feel dubious about. A gang of teenage thugs who mug a woman in the opening scene? They're our heroes?

There are a number of women in the cast, of varying ages and races, almost all with good lines and interesting dialogue. And, possible spoiler alert, none of them die. This, in the world of man-boy sci fi, is a miraculous feat. And I love it.

There are numerous references to American culture (the FBI, the feds, etc.) that, with admirable subtly, illuminate the source of these thugs terrible attitudes. Hint: it's us.

It's actually a story of inner city redemption without all the terrible cheesiness that is The Blindside. Or Freedom Writers. Or Take the lead. Or any other story where white people come in and help black people not be so poor/downtrodden/drug addicted/undisciplined/bad at school, etc. Racist. This movie is wonderfully un-racist and, in fact, more about community than anything else. This movie is awesome.

Now that I have you salivating for it, I regret to inform you that this movie hasn't been released in the states yet. Suckers. But I suggest you keep your eyes out for it, should it surface in theaters or, more likely, just appear on Netflix instant watch sometime next year.

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I'll watch it and get back to you :)