Friday, June 17, 2011

a pursuit of self

Every now and then I get really introspective. I start examining my life and my dissatisfied points and then I make wish lists. Or to do lists. Or bucket lists.

A couple of days ago D and I had a big talk about how we spend our time. I made some comment about how he doesn't seem to try all that hard to be interested in what I am interested in. Honestly, he replied, it's hard because your interests change. Yogurt making? Lotion making? Crocheting?

I have excuses for everything. Regardless, yesterday when he was done with work he found me practicing the ukulele. And I intend to make yogurt this weekend. Also, I found this cool tutorial for making crochet rugs out of sheets. Which I intend to do. But I have to buy a giant crochet hook first.


Yesterday I discovered Hilda by Duane Bryers. Hilda is, I suppose, pin up art, which I am generally not a great fan of. However, I am making an exception for Hilda because, honestly, I want to be her. She is funny and clumsy and, as far as I can tell, lives alone but never wears real clothes.
Hilda art is apparently rare and rather hard to find, which makes me sad. I'd love a Hilda calendar.
On my wish/bucket/to do list is to figure out how to have a real garden next year. Even if it is just a window sill herb garden, I'd like to grow something I can eat next year. I was in charge of watering my landlords garden this last week and a half and I realized that I really do like gardens and could probably bring myself to like gardening if I tried hard enough. I feel at this is the first step in any number of other things I'd like to do someday. Canning and preserving being some of them. I have infinite resources for this sort of thing, but haven't taken advantage of them for one reason or another. Mostly I am lazy. One step at a time, I suppose.


Donnell said...

You are always welcome to scratch out a piece of my backyard for a garden. You can even use our water. No charge.

Sharon said...

Dearest Ellie,
I still watch your life (or read it?) And I really like Hilda. I think she is what we would be if we tried to be sexy.