Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I finally made yogurt.

And it was totally easy and turned out perfectly. At least, it was totally easy after I realized that 1 gallon is not the same thing as 2 liters and 180 degrees Fahrenheit does exist on my thermometer it's just the smaller inside numbers because this thermometer is primarily in Celsius. So yes. Once I got all of that sorted, it was easy. And I have been eating yogurt every day for the last three days. It is delicious. I like to add honey or maple syrup and blueberries which I splurged and bought from the store. I think they are from Chile or something.
I try, for the most part, to buy Texan produce. It isn't easy and where I can't buy Texan I try to buy organic. But it is fits and spurts. No one is perfect, I assume, which takes some of the pressure off.

This weekend D and I also experimented in making avocado fries with siracha lemon mayo dipping sauce. We were incredible proud of ourselves, though I was a little concerned that our home cooking is turning towards deep frying our foods in oils. We were successful. That is what matters.

We drove an hour south on Sunday to watch a filmed version of Stephen Sondheim's Company in the movie theaters. This version stars Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris, John Cryer, Patti Lupone, Christina Hendricks, and a bunch of others. Admittedly, we are not theater people. We didn't know anything about Company, nor could we name a single other Sondheim musical without looking it up on the internet (Sweeney Todd and Into the woods). We were going to see Stephen Colbert and Neil Patrick Harris sing and dance. We really, really enjoyed this. It was hilarious and well done and I liked it very much.

After Company, we drove up and met a friend for dinner at BJ's. BJ's is a restaurant that serves gluten free pizza. I think they serve other things too, but I wasn't particularly interested in those things. What I wanted was pizza. It was SO GOOD. Oh gracious. I now feel that we should make the 30 minute drive to BJ's often. I ate the left over half of my pizza for lunch yesterday and it was superb. I have eaten gluten free pizza in a restaurant before, just once, and it was fine. Not great, but fine. It almost made me miss pizza more. But this, this was something else entirely. This is magic.

Some friends of mine are getting married in a couple of weeks. I was looking at their registry the other day. They are using The Alternative Gift Registry. The alternative gift registry allows you to make a very specific gift registry, including items from smaller, local sellers, or in this case, they asked for people to gift 10 minutes of their time during the reception to wash dishes. I love this. I intend to try to remember to wash dishes during their wedding reception. Because that's the kind of gift I can afford right now.

I've also been spending quite a lot of time on pintrest.com. It is my new time waster, but I think it also stirs up a bit of rebellion in me. The majority of people on pintrest seem to be mom's, who want to be skinnier and feel the need to post their motivational pictures on the internet, as well as their crafts, their idea baby items, and their "style" goals. Essentially, it is all the photographs from every mommy blog ever. However, it is also a collection of the most bizarre shit on the internet. And I like it. You can look at my pins here.

Also, Attack the Block now has a US release date sometime in late July. I know you all were being driven absolutely batty by your inability to see it. Now you can. Probably. So long as your town has an arty theater of some kind. Look for it!

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