Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jammin' on the one

In the past couple of weeks we went to Austin for Roller Derby. Roller Derby in Austin is one of my favorite things. In fact, it is currently diverting me from writing this post which means this post may go the way of many before it - right into the "drafts" folder.

I am currently trying to set a record for number of blogs written without actually posting anything. I have no idea where you would find number on that, but I'll bet I'd be way up there in the rankings.

We also went to see Tree of Life at the Alamo Drafthouse. The Alamo Drafthouse has delicious popcorn. I'm just saying. And it is one of the cheapest things on the menu. I want to tell you how I liked Tree of Life and how you should go see it but I'm pretty sure you won't like it. As far as I can tell no one has liked it but me so far. Drew liked it, but he likes all Terrence Malicks films. We prepared for Tree of Life by watching The New World a couple of days before. I had seen it when it came out in 2004, however there was a huge chunk in the middle that I didn't recall at all so I think I must have slept through it. Malick just doesn't value the same things other film makers (or other people in general) seem to value. Like continuity. And dialogue. He makes beautiful, painful, sweeping, moving films in which not a lot happens. Plus, he was born in Waco and went to Lake Waco Montessori school right down the street from my house. Tree of life was filmed largely in Waco (accept for the parts that were filmed in space, or are of volcanoes, sharks, or dinosaurs. We don't have those here) and it made me feel warm and fuzzy to see it with Brad Pitt standing in the middle of our antiquated downtown. Waco look's like the 1950's, people. Come film your movies here.
Also, D and I bought a stationary bicycle at goodwill last week for $140 dollars. Then we went to Academy and thought we might have been ripped off a little since they have stationary bicycles for $100. Whatever. We're happy with it. And I've ridden something like 25 miles in the last week.

We went bowling with some friends who we are trying to get to know better. They invited a third couple that they were nervous they wouldn't like, using D and I as a buffer couple. This didn't work. Never mind that we didn't mingle at all, nor that they were a good 10 years younger than us, I'm pretty sure they were bummed that we were there at all, getting in the way of their quality time with the afore mentioned friends. Whatever. Bowling is awesome. During our first game I scored 38 points. That is 38 points in 10 frames. I think I have some magic in me somewhere. D scored 158. I did better in subsequent games, but never broke 100.

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Donnell said...

You guys do such fun things. I really want to go to Alamo Draft House.