Thursday, July 21, 2011

Books, yes! Bombs, no!

The job hunt has begun! I will only be a slave to my volunteerism for another five weeks (36 days, according to my calendar), and am hoping to be gainfully employed by the time that magical day, August 27th, rolls around. Perfect job description: Full time. With benefits. NOT at a desk. Optional out-of-doors work. Lax dress code (no hats or visors, please!). Coworkers with the potential to become friends. The opportunity to learn new things. Doesn't require at-home, off-hours work (I don't want to be a teacher).

I've applied at: The Gap, Books-a-million, Petco, Justice, Maurices, LOFT, and the Balcones Whiskey Distillery. I am deeply hopeful that the distillery will call me any moment now. Please, please, please, please. Can you imagine? I am going to now wait a week (or so) for these places to call me back before I start a second round of applications with my B string choices. Books-a-million, I'm looking at you! Hire me! RIGHT NOW.

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