Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I think God is closer than that


Some days just kind of . . . hit. Hard. I am a by product of someone else's "spring cleaning of the soul". And that's always fun. That's okay. It doesn't make any difference, especially not now, but it does make me wonder. I might have been immature. I might have let things fester, linger, and turn sour. I might have talked behind peoples backs, thought nothing of it, and forgotten it. I might. We were so awful back then. All of us. So terribly dramatic. And so destructively proud of ourselves. I wouldn't give everything to never have to do that again. It is, for sure, for the best, that we let this go. There isn't any way to patch our memories. Best to just let them go.

I've been reading. Just finished Cranford, and started Steve Martin's Shopgirl. Before that? I read . . . some books? I can't remember. I read Mary Doria Russells Dreamers of the Day, which I liked. She is superb, though it is, of course, no Sparrow or Children of God. I read The Little House on the Praire books, and have been putting myself to sleep with sporadic, comforting readings from Anne's House of Dreams. I started the BFG, and carried around The Shipping News for a couple of days, just in case I decided to pick it up again.

I have also successfully made yogurt several times and feel pretty skilled in that regard.

I made a gf banana bread with my sister this weekend. I didn't have corn flour so simply substituted the next gf flour that I have been curious about: buckwheat. The results were an interesting, dense banana bread. Sara and I decided it was "earthy", but we ate more than half of it so it wasn't exactly bad.

I spent last weekend in Dallas with my family. My best friend from High School was in town with his glorious wife and wonderful baby and I was blessed to spend some precious hours with them. Frankie is the softest, roundest baby, and I just want to kiss her all the time. Going back and forth between Frankie and my Aluxton was a test of my ability to make anything that is directly in front of me my "favorite". I managed it, however, and had plenty of quality time with both my favorite babies. Aluxton was making some tottering attempts at upright mobility and we are so proud.

Today I get to be in a movie! My friend Donnell makes a short film with her nephew every summer and this year there is a part for me! I get to be the butler and am very excited.

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Jenn said...

I just finished Dreamers of the Day a few days ago! You introduced me to MDR, and I've fallen in love with her!

Also, tottering babies are just the BEST! So cute and so awkward!!