Thursday, November 03, 2011

bells on a hill

The more wedding planning we do, the less normal I feel.

We went to a bridal expo and came out feeling like the world of wedding planning is full of crazy people.

Or maybe I'm the crazy one.

But are potted plants crazier than cut flowers? And what's wrong with an ipod for music? And so what if I am planning on wearing a $10 skirt from the gap with a bodice I intend to make out of a sheet? The sheet is pretty and I already own it. This is my time, and I intend to take advantage of it by living my dream. Which looks something like this:
Also, how do we feel about fake eye lashes?


Kelsey said...

oh yes please for the fake eyelashes. sounds like fun!

Jenn said...

No fake eyelashes! They are crazy! Also, we used a boombox for our wedding (back before iPods, wow I feel old!). we spent $35 on flowers for the wedding and $35 on wedding pies (instead of a cake) and I don't regret any of it! Do it they way you WANT it, not the way the wedding world says you should want it. You will never regret sticking to your own personality.

Teegan said...

First, I agree to fake eyelashes... if you can't wear them for your wedding, when can you?!
And Second, your celebration should reflect the two of you as much as possible... forget about meeting the expectations of society. Everyone wants to see what your love looks like... not some cookie cutter wedding!

Donnell said...

Some fake eye lashes are so cool. If you can get them to stay on, why not wear them?

I love the hair on the woman in the first picture.

simple human said...

this is gonna be your day, choose your dress as you wish. regarding fake eyelashes, try it once. you may like it

Amy said...


that hair is so perty. both of em. but i like the ribbon around the hair, through the hair, in the former.

anyhow. sheet, bodice, bring it. and fake eyelashes, i agree with the "if they stay on" comment. you dont want to poke yourself in the eye.

but i never heard them ringing, no i, never heard them a tall.

3 Plus 2 said...

I so wish I could be there. I know it'll be perfect