Monday, April 02, 2012

I am finding blogging to be a completely impossible task these days. I want to blog. I have so many things to say! And yet. I think this is a cause and an effect all wrapped up into one. What do I write about first? How to I gracefully re-enter the land of online dishing? Do I talk about how awesome it is being married? (awesome). Do I write what will be a helpful and informative piece on how to get married and spend about $5,000 and still have guests? How about that piece that I want so badly to write about dealing with body image issues when you weigh more than you have ever weighed and are participating in the most public, photographed event of your life? Do I talk about my new thoughts regarding "radical domesticity" and my 2012 goals that have resulted? How about a post entirely dedicated to my awesome porch garden?

Probably, I will eventually do all of these things. However I feel like a wedding post is, of necessity, the first thing I must write, and that is going to take me a minute.

I can't give up blogging because it is a source of free attention and affirmation and that can never be a bad thing. I do so like being attended to and affirmed. But, not as much as I like wasting an entire Sunday watching season one of Gossip Girl.

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jessica said...

ok, come on, Ellie, it's time for more!