Saturday, June 23, 2012

figs and honey

I have a friend whose pinterest makes me a little bit crazy with wanderlust. She has a wonderful eye for what is beautiful and a wonderful drive to accomplish beauty in her own life. She recently started posting things from this blog. Has anything ever made you want to go to Australia more? And I often want to go to Australia. A lot.

D and I had ambulatory childhoods. We moved a lot. As adults we've chosen Waco to be our home. He's lived here for 11 years, and I've come back here over and over, feeling safer and more at home in this crummy little city than anywhere else in the whole wide, wandering world. Which seems crazy. Texas can be beautiful. It can be broad and expansive and gloriously large. It has beautiful lakes and rivers and vast expanses of forest. It has apple orchards, and wheat fields, and farms. Waco has some of those things. But not many and not in the highest quality. You have to search for it to find it. You have to want it really bad.
I guess we will. I guess we do.

Today I made cheese and yogurt and salsa and scalloped potatoes. I went to our wonderful farmers market and bought figs (harvested by the above mentioned friend), and gluten-free rolls, and picked up our farm share (so many tomatoes!). I hung out with our adorable rabbit and tended to my paltry container garden, urging it to product (please produce!). 

Life is and can be beautiful, no matter where you live. We're justing keeping our eyes open.

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Judah said...

I love this post! You write beautifully...looking forward to reading more. And you're so right about there always being something beautiful to be found no matter where you're living. Makes everywhere seem a little more inviting.