Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home. And everything changes. It is usual for the world to hold exactly still while I leave. Waco sits and stays, and then I return and everything is exactly where and how I left it. This didn't happen this time around. Three weeks away, three great, full, slow, fun weeks; Five days spent driving across the deep western half of our country; seeking, finding, reveling, and I am home. Home in my big house with my dear, precious roommates, with their loud laughter and avid life giving. Home with my best friends, one of whom I missed enough to make a boyfriend upon my return. Home.

We have sheep now. Four timid, ridiculous sheep, all named for characters from Harry Potter.

And I am in school now. At MCC where there is no one even remotely similar to me in attendance. I'm going to be fine. I am going to splendid their socks off.

And I watch the baby boy now. Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:45 to 5:30 you can find us playing mad games of peek-a-boo.

Right now I am at the end of 21 hours of work (with a brief four hour sleep break in the middle) and am about to embark on 7 hours of school. I'm pretty good at filling a life. But its a good life. A good, full life.

I miss my far away friends. I need you in my life.


Joseph said...

Your life sounds like what I would expect, full of beauty yet observed on your part with a tinge of confusion or disappointment.

I wish I could share more in it. I, well, we, miss you.

hannah said...

you know this post leaves me with lots of little questions . . . .

Kevin said...

What are the names of your sheep?