Friday, October 09, 2009

search your heart

When Texas gets rain it changes everything. Our clay soil absorbs nothing and our burgeoning corn fields become rice paddies, streaked with light. It is amazing how water reflects the sky. I am aware that this is a commonly known fact, but I am so struck by it on days like today, when the sky is gray and limiting, and yet it is still brighter than the rain soaked ground. Brilliant, silver flashes catching my eye, enlivening my life.

I watched some red wigglers get washed out of the grass, to pool on the side walk. I stopped and scooped handfuls of worms up of the concrete and flung them in the grass. Handful after handful. I was yelled at for being weird.

I've been feeling pretty crappy these days. It is getting harder and harder to live the lively life I have set up for myself. I write poetry when I'm tired like this. It is hilariously maudlin. I write it down and keep it safe because poetry is supposed to be maudlin and maybe someone will pay me for it someday.

I am currently cramming as much information about the metabolic pathways into my head as is possible. I have until Monday to do this.

I am cold. Isn't that wonderful?

Here. Some poem:

I have often wanted to be reborn
as sea kelp. Placid and maternal,
vibrantly alive, slowly stretching
to encompass the world in my arms.

I love egrets
as insubstantial as filigree
beneath the edifice of cows.


Heron said...

The world needs more people weird enough to be concerned about worms who after all made all the earth we have in the first place.

Nice imagery (water on the clay)

Egrets - yes !

Kim said...

last night at dinner, we were eating out on the sidewalk of this great irish pub called tir na nog, my friend susan found 2 slugs on her pant leg...they had slowly crawled up from the flower bed behind her due to the too moist soil. though we all understandably freaked out, we also carefully placed the sluggish little guys back in the flower bed much to the shock of our fellow diners. we are with you. solidarity sister.