Friday, June 18, 2010


Here are some pictures for you. :)
A nice view of the Apartment living room:

And one of my mothers gardenia which she believes is deaf. She yells questions at it on a regular basis.

This is where I sit to read and/or watch the weather roll in.

Some weather!

And the pool where I swim everyday. Do be jealous. It's quite nice and almost always entirely mine.

That's all for now. I've been swimming every day, like I said, and have decided that I am working up to swimming a mile.


Donnell said...

Thank you.

Davie said...

Best life ever.

Gracie said...

It worked. I'm jealous. Of the pool, yes. Of the views, YES. Of living outside the US, YESSSSSSS. I miss the sunsets over the East China Sea. I miss the sunrises over the North Sea. I miss. . . damn, I'm jealous!

Teegan said...

so happy to have found your blog! everything sounds lovely (minus getting lost in Japan on your first entry!)